Everything I’ve had problems with has been fixed. (migraines, tingling limbs, lower back pains.) I’m feeling better than ever and the whole staff does everything they can to help you! I appreciate these people more than anyone would ever know. Thanks SO MUCH!
 - Holly C., Emmetsburg

I came in with headaches and low back pain after exercise. Dr. Shawn really listened to my concerns and explained how he could help using terms that I understood. Thanks Dr. Shawn!
 - Erin T., Cylinder

Had neck and lower back pain, both are better. Dr. Mike gives a very comfortable adjustment. The entire staff is very accommodating and friendly
 - Kent M., Emmetsburg

I came in because of wrist and extreme low back pain. After going through a treatment plan with Dr. Shawn my wrist and back are better. I am able to stand up straight without pain and I don’t even think about my wrist. I had previously seen chiropractors for 25 years before coming here and they didn’t help my problem at all. I came here and had immediate improvement. I continue to improve everyday and I am very happy that I finally got help!
 - Joe H., Bradgate

Everything is better. I had back pain with sciatica down my leg when I came in. Dr. Mike is excellent at getting me out of pain and keeping me there!
 - Lisa S., Ruthven

Dr. Mike has done for my spinal issues what many other avenues failed to do. I went into his office with the attitude of it being my last hope before resigning myself to the fact that my pain and symptoms were something I would have to live with forever and believe me, my pain was intense and my symptoms were many. What occurred was exactly the opposite. I am able to do many of the things I had not been able to do in a very long time. Thank you for giving back more than I could have imagined! The office staff is also very friendly and accommodating even when I remember my appointments 3 days late even with an appointment card and a reminder call!
 - Kris B., Ayrshire

Dr. Mike does an excellent job in keeping my neck and lower back in working condition!
Kathy H., Emmetsburg

I don’t know what I would do without this chiropractic office. I would be miserable with headaches, that for sure!
 - Amber K., Ruthven

I love the new tables and the new look of the office! Coming here is very comfortable and you really feel like you’re part of a family!
- Tony G. Whittemore, IA

I came in with shoulder pain and now everything is improved. This place is very user-friendly!
- Karen P. Emmetsburg, IA

I had right sided back pain/rib pain that was so bad, I could barely walk. I started feeling MUCH better after just 3 treatments! This place has fast, friendly service. I have received great care! You really get the feeling that they care about you!
- Deb W.Emmetsburg,IA

I had headaches and back aches. EVERYTHING is better now! The care you get here is amazing, individualized. In fact, my whole family comes here!
- Liz R. Emmetsburg, IA

I came in with shoulder, neck, and back pain. They are all better and I don’t get my headaches near as often! The care I receive here gives me a lot of relief!
- Ashley H. Emmetsburg IA